Stimulus Check Update 4th Stimulus Check Status

The payments made by the US government to the taxpayer are called Stimulus check. Stimulus check are made by paper check or through direct deposit. They aim to stimulate spending during economic times and, thus, boost the economy. Stimulus check could be part of a larger federal stimulus package designed to support the economy, as was the case with stimulus payments that were part of the CARES Act in 2020 and the US rescue plan in 2021.

Stimulus Check Update

The complete details of which states are sending the payment and who is eligible


The Anchorage Daily News reported that the Alaska budget signed by Governor Mike Dunleavy in June included a $3,200 payment, including a one-time $650 energy relief payment and a $2,550 permanent fund dividend, to be sent to Alaska.


Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed a law in May that would provide a $750 tax exemption for individual filers and a $1,500 exemption for joint filers. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, those who have filed their state income tax returns by June 30 will be given their checks by September 30.


Hawaii’s governor signed a bill in June that would issue tax refunds to state residents. Under Act 115, a payment of $300 or $100 will be sent per person.


The state of Virginia is sending a lump sum tax exemption amount to certain eligible residents according to the Virginia Department of Taxation. Those who had a tax liability in the previous year would receive up to $250 if filed individually and up to $500 if filed jointly.


The one-time income and property tax exemption will be issued to Illinois residents starting Sept. 12. According to the Illinois Department of Revenue for income tax exemption, a single filer will receive $50, while a married couple jointly will receive $100.

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